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The members of the Curl Curl Lagoon Friends are locals. They volunteer their time and donate their money to improve things around here.

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They may have joined because of the pollution in the water or the dozens of dead fish floating belly up after a particularly bad kill. Maybe they joined because of the litter, the invasive species, the loss of dunes, the overdevelopment, or the degraded bushland.

But they probably joined Curl Curl Lagoon Friends because we have a positive vision of the future. In our future, children, adults, dog walkers and the entire community enjoy a clean and restored Lagoon and Beach. And the park and dunes are flush with native flora and wildlife.

We are working to make that future a reality.

“I feel like being a member of the Curl Curl Lagoon Friends is something you just have to do if you live in the area. No arguments.” — A member

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Benefits of Membership

Have fun.

Being a member of the Curl Curl Lagoon Friends can be fun. The most active volunteers regularly get together for meetings and social events. We always have a good time, whether we are discussing strategy, welcoming new members, regenerating bush or hosting an Annual General Meeting.

Make a difference.

Sometimes it can seem hard to make a mark on the world. One way to do so is to work with over 300 of your neighbours to make Curl Curl Lagoon and Beach area a cleaner, more beautiful place. Over the years, our members have helped reduce the pollution flowing into the lagoon, raise awareness, lobby Council, fight misguided plans and put in place a positive vision for the future. So, take a stand, make a mark and leave a legacy of accomplishment.

Some members of our volunteer Executive Committee at one of our regular meetings.

Some members of our volunteer Executive Committee at one of our regular meetings.

Improve Warringah.

The Lagoon, Park and Beach help make Curl Curl and Warringah among the most beautiful spots in the world. Regrettably, they are also fouled by pollution and other problems. Speak out for what’s right. And lend a hand to make things better.

Make new friends.

Working together on a shared project is one of the best ways to forge new friendships. The friendships you make can last a lifetime. Join other locals in the Curl Curl Lagoon Friends and meet some new mates.

Leave a better place.

Some of our members come from families who have lived here for three generations. The truth is, once you live here, you seldom want to leave. Why not leave a better place behind you for your kids to enjoy? One day, your grandchildren could walk on the path along the Lagoon and say, “You see how clean that water is? Grandma and Grandpa cleaned that up.”

How Much Does It Cost?

It takes money to defend and improve Curl Curl Lagoon and Beach. We have to print newsletters, operate a website and Facebook page, lobby Council, reach new members, and spread the word.

The costs are shared, however, across our large membership. That’s why we can keep our joining fees low. Just $10 for an annual household membership.

In fact, it costs so little to be a member, that most members donate additional amounts on a regular basis. Of course, there is no obligation to do so.

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