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Pathways to Ngara

Updated: Apr 10

A proposal to make pedestrian access to Ngara easier.

Difficulty accessing Ngara

Having to walk 50m to 80m across thick / uneven / damp grass to get to the Ngara garden is a definite disincentive for many potential visitors: parents with strollers; anyone in a wheelchair, anyone of any age who walks for health or passive enjoyment but is unsteady on their feet - perhaps uses a walking stick - is likely to find that leaving their formed path to cross the grass reserve to reach the garden is - at best - not easy or actually beyond them.

Achieve better integration between Ngara and the rest of the Park

Walkers enjoy using thge formed ers resently there is nothing saying “Come In to the garden … this is the way . . . “.  Pathways create a sense of beckoning and welcoming visitors to come to the garden centre.

Artistic design Be able to create attractive, helicopter-view, artistic representation of Ngara design in context of its surroundings. Perhaps incorporating plants alongside pathways. Would be suggestive of aboriginal art in keeping with general theme. Use as logo for Ngara.  Incorporate in any new CCLF logo?

Artistic concept:

Type of path surface proposed:

Pathway material could be same as that used for centre of Ngara garden which is commonly used elsewhere including beach dune pathways. Alternatively, an aggregate with colour (e.g. crushed terracotta) could be considered to achieve a better artistic effect.

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