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Benefits of membership

Demonstrate your commitment - membership of Curl Curl Lagoon Friends enables someone to demonstrate that they value the features of their local natural environment enough to commit at least their name, address and the cost of membership to the Association. It's a small but practical demonstration of commitment to protecting our environment. 

Get informed- members will see from the CCLF website, newsletter, noticeboards, local press and social media channels how their Association is standing up for their local environment, running projects and educating and informing the community about the state of their natural assets, and can take pride in knowing they are helping in that process. 

Be recognised and appreciated -our membership register is the Association's biggest asset. All our communications with members are individually addressed and we strive to maintain a personal relationship with each member.


Have you say - members are able to attend functions, forums and meetings we convene during the year and to participate in online discussions on current topics on our website. Members can vote on motions at meetings including the Annual General Meeting.

Help set direction - members can nominate or second themselves or another person for election to the Executive Committee and so influence the direction the Association takes.  

Membership basics

Membership by individual, family or household - membership can be in the name of an individual, family or household: we do not differentiate between these categories and the same membership fee applies to all.

Level of membership - we offer several levels of membership: Basic, Concession, Supporter, Super Supporter and Sustainer. By so doing we can keep the basic cost of membership low while enabling members who would like to make a larger contribution to do so. Any amount above the cost of Basic membership is treated as a donation.  All levels of membership provide the same benefits.

Membership year - our membership year is from 1 July to 30 June.  Individual renewal reminders are emailed or posted in July each year to all members.  Any member who has not renewed by the end of December is sent a final reminder before their membership is flagged expired.


Membership term - the only membership term offered is annual. We do not offer multi-year membership terms because we want to ensure member contact details are updated at least annually.

Expiry reminder - any email message or envelope delivered to a member includes the date of expiry of their membership.  On a letter-box-dropped envelope (e.g. newsletter) the membership expiry date is shown on the bottom left hand side of the name and address label.

Non-financial members - any member who has not renewed their membership by 1 January is flagged in the register as 'membership expired' and must renew or re-join to regain the benefits of membership.

Application form - applications for membership need to be made on the Membership Application Form (see below).  Applicants must accept and agree to uphold the objectives and values of the Association.  Applications for membership are reviewed by the Executive Committee and are subject to the Committee's approval.

Welcome letter - new members will receive a Welcome letter via email or post.

Life membership - the Committee will from time to time bestow life membership on an individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to the Association.  Members may nominate to the Committee any such individual they feel merits consideration for life membership.   


For any payments made online via the CCLF website, a receipt will be sent by PayPal to the email address provided.

For any payments received by post, CCLF will issue a receipt by email or post.

For payments received at point of sale a receipt is issued either by the EFTPOS system, by email from CCLF, or is handwritten.  

Please Note: Donations to Curl Curl Lagoon Friends are not tax-deductible.

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