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Waterbird species seen on Curl Curl Lagoon
C - Common
U - Uncommon
R - Rare
Numbers in front of the species name refer to numbers shown in the bird Photo Gallery

Waterfowl - species that spend the majority of their time on the water

1 Pacific Black Duck         (C)
2 Chestnut Teal              (C)
3 Grey Teal                    (C)
4 Hardhead - not seen since the drought broke in February 2020, before that Common
5 Australian Grebe          (U)
6 Eurasian Coot             (C)
7 Dusky Moorhen           (C)
8 Black Swan                 (U)
9 Australian Wood Duck  (U) - spends more time on land than water
10 Northern Mallard         (U) - an introduced species

Waders - species that feed on mudflats and lagoon edges
11 Masked Lapwing          (C)
12 White-faced Heron      (C)
13 White-necked Heron    (R)
14 Striated Heron            (R)
15 Great Egret                 (U)
16 Little Egret                 (U)
17 Cattle Egret                (U)
18 Nankeen Night Heron  (R)
19 Australian White Ibis   (C)
20 Straw-necked Ibis      (R)
21 Royal Spoonbill           (U)
22 Australasian Swamphen (U)
23 Black-winged Stilt       (R)
24 Black-fronted Dotterel (R)
26 Bar-tailed Godwit        (R)
27 Buff-banded Rail         (R)

Fish feeders
28 Australian Pelican        (U)
29 Great Cormorant         (U)
30 Little Black Cormorant (C)
31 Little Pied Cormorant   (C)
32 Australian Darter         (U)
33 Silver Gull                  (C)
34 Caspian Tern              (R)


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