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Apply for membership

Step 1 - complete the Membership Application Form by either completing the online version of the form below and submitting it online or printing a copy of the PDF document below, completing the form and posting that to our postal address.

Step 2 - pay the applicable membership fee as per 'Make A Payment' described below


Membership Application
(Online submission)

Please select one of the following membership levels:

Thank you for your submission.

Please proceed to make your payment.


      Curl Curl Lagoon Friends Inc

      P.O.  Box  380

      FRESHWATER  NSW  2096

Make a payment

Renew your membership

It is not necessary to complete any application or renewal form to renew an existing membership.

You can pay online with a credit / debit card or by posting your payment to our mailing address. See 'Make A Payment' below.


Membership levels 'Supporter' and above include a built-in donation amount. You can also make a once-off donation that does not include membership.

Once-off donations are gratefully accepted and can be paid online or via post. See 'Make a Payment' below.

Please Note: Donations to Curl Curl Lagoon Friends are not tax-deductible.


Make a payment


Please note: Should you happen to make a payment that was either unintended or for a wrong amount please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make any necessary adjustment or reversal.  

Pay for membership

1. Pay online - simply click the 'Buy Now' button against your chosen membership level in the table below.  In the PayPal screen that then appears select "Checkout as Guest" and supply your email address, or you can pay with your personal PayPal account if you have one.  Verify you are purchasing your intended membership product. PayPal then requests your card details. PayPal also requests your billing / residential address and phone number which are passed on to CCLF to help us keep the membership register up-to-date.  PayPal will issue a receipt for the transaction.  CCLF will also email you an acknowledgement of your renewal payment later.

Level of membership


Click to purchase

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Basic individual or household




PayPal ButtonPayPal Button



PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Super Supporter


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button



PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

2. By Post using cash or cheque


3. In person at a CCLF event using cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

Pay a donation

1. Pay online - in the table below click the "Donate" button then, in the PayPal screen that follows, select your donation amount and "Donate with a Card".


Set your own amount

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

2. By Post using cheque


3. In person at a CCLF event using cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

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