Creation of Stirgess Reserve Gardens

Project Owner:

Northern Beaches Council. 

Project Partner:

Curl Curl Lagoon Friends Inc.

Project start:

January 2018

Project finish:

October 2020  



In early 2018 Lagoon Friends put a request to Council to establish a garden area in Stirgess Reserve that could serve as a meeting place in a quieter, shady setting in the Park.  The concept included natural sandstone blocks for children to sit on or climb over, a bench seat or two, and multiple points of entry, as shown.


We are very pleased to report that the first and most substantial phase of the project was completed in early March.  Lagoon Friends would like to thank Mr Jeremy Smith, Mr Scott Van Trienan and everybody else from Council's Park Assets and Projects Management team who were involved in turning the original concept into the following reality.

We anticipate the new garden will be the place where the community will meet to formally celebrate Lagoon Friends' 40th anniversary In October this year.

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