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DA2020/0661 - Construction Certificate

Non compliance with terms of Construction Certificate

When the applicant decided to proceed with a 4m x 4m fence around the monopole that would have completely blocked the pedestrian thoroughfare along the northern bank of the lagoon when fields are in use, a doubling in height of the elevated equipment platform, and fencing around the elevated platform the applicant did not lodge a modification proposal with Council but had these modifications approved directly by their Private Certifier.

The construction certificate displaying these modifications was not posted on Council’s website. The community only learned of these modifications after lodging a Freedom of Information request for copy of the construction certificate. 


When the community and CCLF took their concerns re the evident modifications to Council, Council management at first claimed such non-compliance was beyond their jurisdiction but eventually obtained the applicant's assurance of compliance. 



Q1 Adverse outcome had community not intervened

Q1.1    Can Council confirm how unauthorised modifications to stamped plans could have been constructed had the community not discovered this situation and intervened and what action if any would Council have taken to remedy the situation?

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