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Impact of additional baseball fencing on amenity of John Fisher Park

Fig 1 - Aggregation of infrastructure - Abbott Rd Fields 4 & 5 (Dec 2023)

Summary Recent extensions to wire fencing and the addition of a batting cage and signage at Abbott Rd sports fields 4 & 5 have upset the balance between facilities for baseball and the natural amenity offered to the wider community in that section of John Fisher Park.

The purpose of this forum discussion is to assist CCLF's Executive Committee to determine a position on this issue as the basis of any action they make take to address the concerns raised.

Background Manly Seasiders baseball club was formed in 1978 and has their home ground at Abbott Road Fields 3, 4 and 5 in John Fisher Park at North Curl Curl. The baseball season runs from September to March. Fields 4 and 5 have historically had high, wide backstops, and dugouts (Fig 2). In mid 2023 the length of permanent wire fencing was increased, signage added, and a semi-permanent batting cage installed (Fig 3).


  1. No community consultation or notification of the new fencing installed in 2023 as is required under the JFP Plan of Management (Fig 5).

  2. New installations create significant physical barriers to Park access for other users (Fig 4) contrary to requirement under JFP Plan of Management (Fig 6).

  3. New installations unsightly and incongruous in this environmentally sensitive section of Park (Fig 7).

  4. Seasiders' vision for future development of baseball facilities at JFP needs to be comprehensively articulated to community rather than attempted via a series of unannounced incremental steps.

Fig 2 - Baseball fencing at Abbott Rd Fields 4 & 5 prior to extensions made in 2023.

Fig 3 - Extension to fencing (yellow - east/west, orange - north/south), signage and batting cage installed at Abbott Rd Field 4 in 2023.

Fig 4 - Perspective - new installations. Fencing (yellow x 2- east/west, orange x 2- north/south) and batting cage (green). Field 5 in foreground.

Fig 5 - Management actions regarding community consultation required under JFP Plan of Management

Fig 6 - Management actions regarding netting, fencing and dugouts as required under JFP Plan of Management

Fig 7 - Rehabilitation of Lagoon surrounds adjacent to baseball fields undertaken in 2020.


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