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Bird Survey 28 June 2024

Updated: Jul 5

Grey Teal

Three observers, myself Alicia and Margaret, braved the cold morning for today's survey. The lagoon has been empty for much of the week and the level was very low this morning. The total bird count of 108 was way up on last month's when we recorded only 41. I suggested then that the low count may have been the result of the lagoon level remaining high for an extended period with the birds looking for better feeding opportunities elsewhere e.g. Dee Why Lagoon. Perhaps this month, the empty lagoon has exposed better feeding grounds with birds attracted back. I would be happy to hear any other theories.

There were very few birds to the west of Park Street bridge, but we  had a good view of one of our rarities, an immature Nankeen Night Heron. Griffin Road bridge produced the majority of the morning's sightings with a good mix of Chestnut and Grey Teal, and Pacific Black Ducks. The Grey Teal were particularly interesting, with 28 recorded - the most of any species for the day and by far the most we have ever recorded. Without going through all the records, I doubt we have ever seen more than four in a morning's count - something interesting is going on!


Little Black Cormorant       2

Little Pied Cormorant         2

Masked Lapwing                3

Chestnut Teal                     25

Grey Teal                            28

Pacific Black Duck              22

White-faced Heron               1

Australian White Ibis            3

Australasian Swamphen       2

Eurasian Coot                      10

Dusky Moorhen                    17

Nankeen Night Heron (imm.) 1 

Immature Nankeen Night Heron

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