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CCLF website design

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

If you can see this forum page it means you are invited to assist with your design ideas for the new CCLF website. This is your invitation to provide comments, suggestions and alternative views about how well the new website is meeting these objectives. Please use the Comment or Reply button to provide your feedback. Following is an explanation of the principles behind the current design.

Website is one part of PR strategy

The website is one component of the Association's public relations strategy.

Let's keep the language plain

Curl Curl Lagoon Friends is a formally incorporated and constituted, not-for-profit, community based environmental organisation. Our membership register comprises over 180 paid-up households. We are not selling products and we don't need to 'wow' anyone - our members current and future are people already sold on the importance of protecting our shared environmental assets. We have been established for 40 years. We deal with our local members of parliament, federal and state government departments, our local Council, and other environmental groups. We are a trusted community organisation who has received significant financial grants. There is a long honour roll of our members who over four decades have led and / or contributed to the thousands of man hours of effort spent on the betterment of the Lagoon and its surrounds.

Our website needs to tell our story plainly and confidently. We need the website to call out the issues with the Lagoon and provide the community with an historical context for how to deal with these issues today. We need the right content, sensibly structured and the message written in plain English.

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