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Clean Up Australia Day - 2024 and beyond

Updated: Mar 4

Clean Up - circa 1990.

Issues for discussion after the 2024 Clean Up Australia Day at Curl Curl:

1. Branding - the once familiar "Clean Up Australia Day" branding has gone. The 'Unite' brand has no obvious association with Clean Up Australia and is not well recognised.

2. Multiple clean-up events - on 3 Mar 2024 CCLF ran events at Park St bridge and Alan Newton Reserve while same day events were held at Weldon Oval bridge (scouts, but not an official CUAD?) and at NCC Beach dunes (C Huong). Northern Beaches Clean-up Crew last ran one of their regular events on Curl Curl Lagoon south bank in November 2023.

3. Publicity & promotion - social channels; A3 posters at local cafes, post office and at clean up sites.

4. Public response - What was the volunteer response at each of the CCLF event sites?

5. Amount of rubbish - compared to earlier times as per picture above there now seems to be a decreasing amount of rubbish to collect.

6. Strategy for future Clean Up Australia Days

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Park Street Bridge

This year I had 12 volunteers. Most were regular CUAD volunteers or CCLF members and friends. I had comments from other members as they past that they didn't know it was on as didn't get an email about it. 2 people saw the Facebook ad.

We collected 7 full bags of rubbish which was good really. Tally was mainly soft plastics but also had a lot of balls and coffee cups and their lids

I set up at around 8.30am with signs all around the netball courts but didn't have one person who just came along because of the signs. All volunteers were intending on coming. I had quite a few people come around 10.30 so stayed…

En réponse à

Thanks Tanya. My thoughts as follows:

From what I can see on the CUAD organiser's website no volunteers had pre-registered (QR code) for either of our events.

On the day Park St had 12 volunteers - all knew of the event and had planned to come.

There were no volunteers at Alan Newton Reserve - i.e. no rubbish was cleaned up - must be a first.

This is first year no Newsletter promoting CUAD was produced - reasons include lack of time, effort required, nobody on Committee has responsibility yet for producing newsletter.

Our normal newsletter run is 2,200 letterboxes so big coverage of people living close to Lagoon.

Possibility of producing an eNewsletter was discussed at Committee 5/2 but…


Alan Newton Reserve

Publicity & promotion

Our plan for this year was to promote via socials and physical A3 posters. In past years we have always published a newsletter (letter box drop) in February advertising CUAD (March) but we did not do so this year due to lack of preparation. Possibility of publishing an eNewsletter was raised at Committee of 5 Feb but not taken any further. We only ever email to the membership base and as a rule we do not email newsletters.

Public Response

My event at Alan Newton Reserve attracted no pre-registrations and no on-the-day registrations - i.e. no rubbish was collected at my event at all.

In retrospect a simple email to the membership base with subject…

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