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There is no “away”. What we wash down the drains goes into the waterways we rely on for food, for recreation, for life.

**An update on the paint that contaminated Greendale Creek on Friday afternoon. **

We’re so very grateful to Deborah Cox for noticing and reporting the pollution event on Friday.

A combined response from Council staff (team members responsible for creeks, dunes, environment & Ranger), the Hazmat team from the fire brigade and the Environmental Protection Agency meant the matter was handled in a coordinated way.

Investigation resulted in identifying the pollutants as paint. Despite the strong smell, we’ve been assured it was water soluble.

Booms were installed at the stormwater outlet and down the creek at the concrete bridge. This caught a small amount of the paint from the surface.

EPA collected samples on Saturday morning again to see how dispersed the paint was.

Today the Council’s Coast & Catchment team were looking to replace the absorbent booms with new ones.

EPA is continuing investigations and we await the formal report into the cause and any fines issued.

Our heartfelt thanks to our councillors, Council staff, Hazmat and the EPA for responding so swiftly to the incident. Northern Beaches Council Sue Heins Kristyn Glanville Councillor David Walton

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