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First plantings at Floating Wetlands (15 Oct 2020)

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

We've hit a major milestone with the Floating Wetlands project this week !

✅ The tank is filled with lagoon water diluted with freshwater (so that the plants don't go into shock with the salt levels).

✅ The plants are in the wetland pontoon. These are the sedge, or Carex, tubestock plants. They're ready to take up water and nutrients from the tank.

✅ The pontoon is IN the tank! Now the plants need to take to their new environment.

✅ Soon the airlift pump will be switched on to help circulate the water in the tank.

✅ The overall idea is that we test suitability of wetland plants to survive and thrive in Curl Curl Lagoon water. Once we find the right plants and measure what effect they have on the water, we can consider growing them in the lagoon itself one day.

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