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Newsletter strategy

Review of Newsletter's role in CCLF's community engagement strategy.


For at least two decades Curl Curl Lagoon Committee / Friends has been publishing a newsletter two or three times per year.

Newsletter is hand delivered to over 2,000 resident letterboxes in Curl Curl and North Curl Curl.

Currently, of the 117 members who are paid up until June 2023 or later, 25 of these do not reside within the delivery area and so do not receive a newsletter.

Posting newsletters to members living outside the delivery area was trialled for a year (2019)  but then discontinued.

Including the newsletter in an individually addressed envelope to members who do reside in the delivery area – to show those members we know who they are and value their support - was trialled for several issues (2019) but discontinued.

The newsletter has never been routinely emailed to the membership base.

All newsletters from the most recent back to 2017 are publicly available on CCLF website.

Current publication process

Current format is single sheet A4 folded to A5 in B&W, making four pages.

In recent years around 2,000 copies of each edition are dropped to all homes in the prescribed local area (see map) by volunteers.

Production and distribution is a joint EC effort:

·         Publication scheduling - EC

·         Content - EC

·         Design & composition to PDF stage – Paula or Stacks

·         Printing, batching. - Stacks

·         Bundling for delivery runs, delivering bundles volunteers – Vik McDonnell.

·         Delivery – Volunteers.

Printing of 2,100 newsletters on 120 gsm uncoated paper costs $370.

Role of newsletter in CCLF’s community engagement strategy

Remind  residents about CCLF by having recurring letterbox drops, the newsletter is intended to periodically remind local residents of the value to them of John Fisher Park, Curl Curl Lagoon, and Greendale Ck and that they have a local community group working to preserve that value.

Update – residents with news of the activities the Association is currently conducting to protect and enhance these local natural assets.

Encourage membership by explaining to local residents the importance and benefits of membership and how to join or renew their membership of the Association.


Unique value of newsletter

Goes to members of the public living close to the Lagoon rather than members of the Association.

Reaches over 2,000 potential members of the Association directly.

Recipients have to hold it in their hands to read it– i.e. they make “a direct personal connection” with CCLF

It’s a novel  – but not unwelcome – form of communication these days.

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