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Annual General Meeting 2023

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Mayor Sue Heins speaking at our 2023 Annual General Meeting event

A small but interested - and interesting - crowd enjoyed our Annual General Meeting on 10 October this year at North Curl Curl Surf Lifesaving Club. Nick Lush played guitar and sang prior to the commencement of business and refreshments were offered as the meeting got underway.

The 2023 President's Report and the annual financial statement are available on our website.

Chris Thomas dissolved the current Executive and called for nominations for the next Committee which lead to the election of Pic Andrews, Tanya Bell, Paula Cowan, Deb Cox, Mark Stack, and Natalie Warren as the new members with officeholders to be appointed at their first meeting. Secretary Jane Lush and Membership Administrator Susan Stack will be stepping back from the Executive but will remain involved with the Association in auxillary roles.

We were very pleased that recently re-elected Mayor of Northern Beaches Council Sue Heins had accepted our invitation to address the audience after the closure of business. Sue spoke authoritatively from many years of direct involvement with our Association, its senior officeholders, and many of the issues and campaigns we have been active in.

Among those attending were Peter and Lynne O'Connell, Lynne being a founding member of the Association in 1980 and named on the brass plaque set in rock at Stirgess Reserve near Ngara marking our 30th anniversary. Lynne revealed it was she who designed the familiar green Curl Curl Lagoon Friends logo. Also attending this AGM was Charles Hamlyn-Harris, an active Association member who served as President for three years from 1999 then as Treasurer for a similar period after that. More recently Charles has been based in Canberra.

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